Hive Meeting 3/6: How an Organization Can Reduce Their Waste & Save Money In The Process

I will be presenting at East End Market on March 6th, 2019 with Jessica Wright, from ecoPreserve, on how businesses and organizations can optimize their waste management and reduce their trash. I hope you’re there to see two of Orlando’s solid waste consultants break it down! Advertisements

The Truth About Recycling

As the Boston-area economy booms, buildings go up, and people have more disposable income to spend. More goods are manufactured and services provided to meet consumers’ demand. Under our current economic system, waste is a natural byproduct of this economic growth, despite having environmental, social, and economic costs. To put it in perspective, in 2013, … More The Truth About Recycling

A peek into Casella’s recycling plant

I’ve always been extremely curious of how single stream recycling is processed after it’s been collected and hauled away. It turns out that Casella Waste manages the majority of Boston-area recycling at their plant in Charlestown, alongside other smaller MURFS (Material’s Recovery Facilities). These are facilities where recyclables are pulled out of the single stream and … More A peek into Casella’s recycling plant