How to Recycle Electronics and Why It’s Important

“We throw away lots of things every day—paper and food scraps, boxes and wrapping paper. But there’s something that you probably throw away less frequently—but it’s not less impactful on the waste stream. Yes, I’m talking about electronics: your smart phones, your tablets, your printers, your computers. And those electronic additions to our landfills are … More How to Recycle Electronics and Why It’s Important

ReuseConex 2016 Recap

From October 17th – 19th, the ReuseConex international conference on reuse took place in Somerville, MA, hosted by Reuse Institute and MassDEP. Thanks to the creator and producer, MaryEllen Etienne, the conference brought together the world’s top sustainability professionals who spoke on the importance of the reuse and repair in today’s waste management practice.  For … More ReuseConex 2016 Recap