How to Conduct a Comprehensive Waste Audit

Two years ago I began my position as an Analyst with MSW Consultants. The job blends a healthy amount of statistics, data analysis, and fieldwork in the trenches of America’s battle to reduce waste. Waste composition is our company’s bread and butter. The more experienced folks in upper management have participated in a countless number … More How to Conduct a Comprehensive Waste Audit

ZenRobotics: Automated Sorting of Recyclables

Automation is hitting all sectors of the economy, and the recycling industry isn’t an exception. ZenRobotics has introduced automated sorting technology to MRFs around Europe and the U.S., specializing in recycling Construction and Demolition (C&D) generated waste. The Finnish based company utilizes AI technology, which has up to a 98% purity rate in separating out … More ZenRobotics: Automated Sorting of Recyclables