How to Recycle Electronics and Why It’s Important

“We throw away lots of things every day—paper and food scraps, boxes and wrapping paper. But there’s something that you probably throw away less frequently—but it’s not less impactful on the waste stream. Yes, I’m talking about electronics: your smart phones, your tablets, your printers, your computers. And those electronic additions to our landfills are … More How to Recycle Electronics and Why It’s Important

The Adventure of a Recycled Electronic

Electronic waste is currently the fastest growing item in the municipal solid waste stream as more people get access to technology and update their existing phones, TVs, and video-game consoles.  Recycling your electronics is important not only because they are made of valuable minerals, but also because they contain components that can be hazardous if … More The Adventure of a Recycled Electronic

Interview with Bob Gedert -Waste Reduction Guru

Bob Gedert has been in the sustainable materials management industry for over 40 years, and is a champion of waste reduction. While serving as Austin Resource Recovery department director, Mr. Gedert was responsible for a 400-employee operation that provided services to Austin citizens, including trash, recycling, yard trimmings collection, street sweeping, litter and dead animal … More Interview with Bob Gedert -Waste Reduction Guru

What is a Materiality Assessment?

First of all, what is “Materiality” and why are corporations assessing it separately within their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and financial reports? As taken from SustainAbility, “materiality assessments provide a tool for prioritizing. A materiality assessment helps a company make sense of the sustainability landscape and build a powerful mandate for focusing and acting on … More What is a Materiality Assessment?