Questions about Recycling??? I’ve Got Answers

Recycling shouldn’t be complicated, but unfortunately it is. Single stream recycling has increased the number of people participating in recycling and the volume of material coming in through the front door of recycling facilities, but, many would argue, that the overall quality of recovered commodities has been compromised as a result. Whether it’s wish-cyclers (people … More Questions about Recycling??? I’ve Got Answers

Reading “The Lorax” to Kindergartners

I had the amazing opportunity to read  to a class of kindergartners and learn about how to operate after-school programs for an elementary school in Harlem. The book I chose was “The Lorax,” Dr. Seuss’s environmental manifesto that he wrote way before environmental stewardship became a popular sentiment. I owe the experience to John Reddick, … More Reading “The Lorax” to Kindergartners

How to Recycle Electronics and Why It’s Important

“We throw away lots of things every day—paper and food scraps, boxes and wrapping paper. But there’s something that you probably throw away less frequently—but it’s not less impactful on the waste stream. Yes, I’m talking about electronics: your smart phones, your tablets, your printers, your computers. And those electronic additions to our landfills are … More How to Recycle Electronics and Why It’s Important