About me

Charlie Pioli is an aspiring entrepreneur, real estate investor, waste reduction consultant, permaculturalist, and homesteader. After 3+ years working in the solid waste field, Charlie has achieved expertise in conducting material composition analysis from the large-scale municipal level to the smaller organizational level. He has creatively paired the use of data with his professional ability to communicate and interpret findings.

As Charlie’s career grows, he is acutely focused on the forty percent of the waste stream that is organic, or bio-degradable. You can’t talk about zero waste unless you talk about the elephant in the room. Through creative ideas such as worm composting, black soldier fly larva, or dumpster diving, Charlie strives to be on the front lines of food waste diversion.

This blog is dedicated to achieving the BIG dream of helping the world become 100% waste-free. With a big goal comes big hardship, but also big happiness, and big accomplishment!

Twitter: @pioli121

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/charliepioli

Instagram: MrDumpsterDivington