MSW Consultants and ecoPreserve present at Orlando’s Hive Meeting!

The room was packed with Lazy-moon pizza and wide-eyed looks as Jessica Wright and Charlie Pioli broke it down to the audience how Orlando organizations can reduce their waste and save money in the process.

Overall, it was a good chance for the two local waste consultants to share industry knowledge with the crowd, and provide a little recycling education in the process. When an organization, like a business, applies themselves, conducts a waste audit, and rethinks the materials they’re discarding, great things can happen. One person’s trash becomes another’s treasure.

The truth about recycling is that it’s a very complicated subject even for those people that care. Contamination is a very real problem that undermines the practice of recycling, but, nonetheless we shouldn’t give up on it just because it’s challenging. That slogan you learned in first grade, “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle,” isn’t just a corny slogan but actually has merit based on prioritizing your waste diversion goals.

If you or your business has any questions on how you can divert your waste, save money, and be a community leader please contact me for further advice and recommendations!


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