How to Recycle Electronics and Why It’s Important

“We throw away lots of things every day—paper and food scraps, boxes and wrapping paper. But there’s something that you probably throw away less frequently—but it’s not less impactful on the waste stream. Yes, I’m talking about electronics: your smart phones, your tablets, your printers, your computers.
And those electronic additions to our landfills are adding up in scary ways: The United States produces about 11.7 million tons of e-waste every year, and it’s growing by 8 percent each year. That trash may be toxic to more than municipal waste systems. Those devices have inside of them small amounts of items, such as metals, that may leach out and end up in our water and soil.  Take cell phones, for example: If we recycled 1 million of them, we could save 772 pounds of silver.” – Kaylee White
Why else is this important? The graphic below explains it and for more details go here:


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