Ten Easy Ways to Reduce Your Waste

10 Easy Steps:

  1. Bring your own bags to the grocery store.
  2. Actually eat the food you buy, and compost the food scrap left-overs.
  3. Recycle.
  4. Rid yourself of disposable single-use items by keeping your own durable version close at hand. (i.e. straws, utensils, tubberware containers, carrying bags, etc.) I draw the line at bringing my own handkerchief places rather than using tissues, but, hey, I’m not that cool.
  5. Drink tap water out of your own water bottle. Even the dank tap water down here in Orlando gets familiar after a few days, and doesn’t really have a taste anymore.
  6. Shop smart and eat what you buy.
  7. Sign up for electronic bills, statements, etc. (Fun fact: The average American household receives 848 pieces of junk mail per household, equal to 1.5 trees every year—more than 100 million trees for all U.S. households combined.)
  8. Pack your own lunch instead of getting it to-go. This will save you an inexplicable amount of money too.
  9. Recycle even the hard stuff – (i.e. e-waste, batteries, light bulbs, textiles, mattresses, wood).
  10. Minimize your material possessions and learn the power of saying “no” to more stuff.

For free consultation on how to achieve zero- waste contact me. Also, if you think there’s something I should’ve added. Thanks!


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