Street Interview with Cobo

Those anonymous faces we often see collecting bottles and cans out in the street make a huge impact in recovering wasted materials around the United States. They are getting their hands dirty usually only for a minimal amount of money, and brave all sorts of dangers (glass and needle punctures, robbery, harmful bacteria, etc.). “Street Interviews,” the blog series presented by, explores why these brave people do what they do, and the vibrancy that lies behind their lives.


Boston, MA 

“Tengo un amigo aquí que bebe y fuma todo el tiempo, y no quiere trabajar. Le digo que todavía es joven y podría ser abogado. ¡Debe ir a estudiar! Él tiene algunos amigos que son malos, y a veces él intenta huir de ellos. Ayer, lo vi con los mismos malos tomando y fumando marihuana. Sin embargo, le recuerdo que es joven y todavía tiene la oportunidad.”


“I have a friend here that drinks and smokes all the time, and that doesn’t want to work. I tell him that he is still young and he could be a lawyer, and that he should go study! He has some friends that he knows are no good, and sometimes he tries to get away from them. Yesterday, I saw him with the same bad people drinking and smoking marijuana. Still, I remind him that he is young and still has the opportunity.”


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