Street Interview with Joey

Those anonymous faces we often see collecting bottles and cans out in the street make a huge impact in recovering wasted materials around the United States. They are getting their hands dirty usually only for a minimal amount of money, and brave all sorts of dangers (needle punctures, robbery, harmful bacteria, glass cuts, etc.). “Street Interviews,” the blog series on, explores why they do what they do, and the vibrancy behind their lives.


Boston, MA

“It’s a constant struggle to try and keep my girlfriend sober. When I’m drinking coffee, she’s drinking beer. When she wakes up at 5:30 in the morning, she’ll have a 22oz can of beer, and by 11 o’clock she’s a mess. She grew up in a dysfunctional family. The type of family that when she was 5 years old her father would poor brandy over her vanilla ice cream. So it’s no wonder why she is how she is. I’ve tried everything. I mean everything. I limit her funds, and try to limit the amount of alcohol she takes in, but I hate doing it. I hate controlling people, because I don’t want to be controlled myself. I want to be in control of my own destiny, and understand why she does too. Also she has a brain aneurysm. Her brain could just burst tomorrow, and she’d be gone. She’s already taken too many face-plants, because she drinks and ends up falling. She’s had more staples and stitches in her head than I can count. I love the girl to death, and guess I just have to deal with it. People tell me that I have the patience of a saint, but I need to have the patience of a saint to be able to deal with what I’m dealing with.”


10 thoughts on “Street Interview with Joey

  1. Sad but wonderful testimony. I used to work in a non-profit association in France that helps homeless people be less isolated. Street is a jungle. Do people build the society or does the society build people?


      1. and I fell in love.  I used the ghosts as inspiration for one of the cupcakes I taught during my Spooktacular Treats Workshop.  Since I didn’t need a huge cake, I used 6in cake pans and made smaller cakes for the cake


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