Recycling at HeatherFest

At game 2 of my sustainable season, I met a kind lady named, Heather, after the game who was collecting the Red Sox souvenir cups that are sold, and often discarded in the stadium. She told me that she resells the cups for charity at her blues music festival in Norton, MA that she hosts every year, and I should come volunteer to be in charge of recycling at the event. The festival is called “HeatherFest,” and has been running for 22 years with an intention to raise money for local charities in the Norton, MA area that range from food pantries to animal shelters. See here for full list.

I attended the festival yesterday, and had no idea what to expect. When I arrived, it was not a rinky dink festival that I saw, but a huge grassy backyard with a stage, and a variety of vendors selling everything from Thai food to home-made beer and wine. The music started, and music legends like Miss Toni Lee Washington got up there and took it away. Also, Heather had created the festival to be centered around the complimentary ideas of giving back to the community and sustainability. Waste at the festival was kept to a minimum, and food was given out potluck style. Everyone was feeling the good vibes.

What an experience! Next year I plan on bringing my friends and family to volunteer with me recycling. Also, I’ve never received so much positive feedback from strangers before for simply for doing my job as a collector of recyclables. People were offering me beers and appreciation for just recycling their waste. It was awesome. Thank you Heather!


3 thoughts on “Recycling at HeatherFest

  1. So great to hear you had such a positive experience…. This is such a good endeavor – helping the planet and connecting with interesting people.

    Much love!


  2. Charlie, Thanks so much for attending! All of the volunteered loved having you! Look forward to having you and your entourage attend HeatherFest 23 on 9/10/17! , Heather


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