Sustainability at home

I feel that I wouldn’t be a very good advocate of sustainability if I was only conscious of it during my work hours. I’ve decided to take an initiative to become waste-free one daily habit at a time. Already, I’ve been brewing my own concoction of toothpaste (baking soda and coconut oil), hair wash (baking soda and vinegar), as well as I joined Bootstrap Composting Service that has been taking Boston by storm. I’ve never felt more hip haha!

After reading “Garbology” by Edward Humes, I was introduced to Zero Waste bloggers Bea Johnson and Kathryn Kellogg. Two women from the bay area who live nearly waste free (their annual waste fits into a jar). They write blogs about how simple it is to go zero waste, all depending on one’s decision-making. I know one of my biggest concerns was the time commitment involved with changing my daily routine. Well, I now realize that this is a myth that turns out not to be true. By choosing not to live a material-driven lifestyle, one actually ends up having oodles of free time to do more important stuff, like spend time with their love ones, or exercise. And just think, on the micro-scale, by composting and not having very much trash, you spend much less time lugging out your smelly trash into the arctic blast that is Boston’s winter.

A couple weeks ago, I officially began my initiative to go zero waste. Doing my laundry without using our landlord’s washer and dryer is my next step. (Shouldn’t be too hard considering the dryer is broken most days and just eats my quarters). I know that I’m privileged to have this opportunity to go waste free, and that there are many Americans who can’t afford to change their habits due to the system that is in place. I firmly believe that the world is headed in the right direction. Making choices at the individual level may seem insignificant at first, but the green wave is growing stronger. Who knows, maybe I can even influence my Chinese roommates to become more conscious.



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